Friday, September 16, 2011

Khensur Lama Lhundrup in his blissful form

The cremation of the late Khensur Lama Lhundrup is over and the Kopan monastery Sangha is waiting to open the cremation stupa. I won't be surprised if they find some relics left by Khensur Lama Lhundrup. In a dream of him several years back, he appeared to me in his blissful form. It was from that time onwards, that I had the thinking that he has achieved some sort of enlightenment. But which stage of enlightenment I would not know. However, I have been told before that if he does not leave behind relics, it also does not necessarily mean he has not achieved any attainment. Whether there are relics or no relics, the dream I had of him will always stick to my mind. The second time I saw him in his blissful form was not a dream but during the Long life Puja for him at LDC. At the beginning of the puja when he stepped up on the throne  while people were chanting around him, with a light shining from the ceiling above the throne, at that time, another glimpse of him in his blissful form appeared in my mind. At that time, I said to myself, "Wow, I am seeing the Buddha." And I felt my eyes becoming misty from the joy erupting at that moment. It was quite something! I pray that we will always be able to maintain contact and may he reincarnate again amongst us!

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