Wednesday, September 14, 2011

2012 - Good or Bad Year?

2012. Is it a good or bad year? I used to be interested to know what is in store for next year, especially whether it is a good or bad year. Every end of the year, I would read books on the predictions based on the chinese animal zodiac signs. I would follow what Lillian Too has to say, and what Joey Yap has to say and compare with other prediction masters. However since a year ago I have given up all these. I am not so obsessive with finding out whether any particular year is good or bad anymore. It does not matter anymore. I will deal with it, good or bad, as it comes. Now I am not thinking about the Mayan prophecy or Chinese I Ching prophecy or whatever prophecy about the end of the world in 2012 anymore.

When we read a bad prediction, we often scare ourselves for nothing. And if it is a good prediction, we let it go to our head and let our guards off. And due to that, get ourselves in trouble. A situation that is supposed to be good, becomes a bad one instead. So, don't waste too much time looking for analysis on whether 2012 is a good or bad year. Or, whether the world will end or not in 2012. It is better you worry that you might die before you achieve any spiritual attainments, i.e. that you will die an ordinary sentient being and hence in your next rebirth still not sure where you will be reborn and still wandering in samsara without a guarantee that you will be able to practice and learn the Buddha dharma again. Predictions using feng shui or other methods, no matter how accurate will not lead anyone to enlightenment. Better spend time doing repentance or purification practices. That may be the only hope we have of ensuring a smoother year ahead! Nothing else can. Ultimately, however, good or bad - both are to be transcended. That's what I understand we must be able to do. Right or not? :)  

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