Sunday, July 3, 2011

Now I can sit in full lotus

On the night of Monday 27th June, 2011, I have discovered a way to sit in full lotus position for a lot longer time without my legs hurting as much as it had. I had an idea of turning my cushion around (the one that I had bought in the thrift shop in Singapore). I sat on it with the cushion in vertical position to my body and it worked. It's fantastic. It was hurting my legs before that because my legs had to be twisted at an angle without something supporting it underneath. That new discovery and learning Dogen's meditation posture has helped to make some progress in my meditation efforts. I have also recently learned from Ven. Sangye Nyepa that it is important to practise samatha first before vipassana. And for samatha-vipassana to precede dzogchen/ mahamudra/ shikantaza type of meditation.

So I can concentrate more on my meditation now, instead of being bothered or distracted by the nagging pain in the legs. That and the new things I have learned, I would think it's a little progress. I hope so. I have to sit a longer time and more frequently to really assess the situation. But you know, the lazy me is often the hindrance. Nonetheless, a big "Thanks" to all the Buddhas!

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