Thursday, June 9, 2011

Master Hsuan Hua's 16th Anniversary

On June 7, 1995 Ven. Master Hsuan Hua entered stillness and it's now the 16th year in which we commemorate him on such an occasion. It's good that I have finished the prostrations recently and hence I can now offer those prostrations to him. I'd like to share with you all some pictures from City of Ten Thousand Buddhas where they had a commemoration ceremony last Sunday. He always have a place in my heart! Always!

Here's the link -

Lastly, I'll end with this verse as usual, which I wrote last year.

The sky is enormously huge and vast,
Still greater than that is Master’s Way Virtue!
The ocean is enormously deep and wide,
Still greater than that are Master's Vast Vows!
To you - Embodiment of the Triple Jewels,
And the Incomparable Saviour, I go for refuge!

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