Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jack Sparrow, Mermaids and the Dakinis

Have you watched the latest "Pirates of the Caribbean"? I am a fan of Johnny Depp and I thought he is a fantastic actor and that he excels in whatever role he takes, whether it is a police cop or a swashbuckling pirate. The latest Jack Sparrow's adventures had him pursuing the fountain of youth on stranger tides (whatever that was suppposed to mean...LOL!!). Anyway, what was extraordinary in this movie and one that reminds me of a parallel Buddhist myth or legend are the mermaids. Yes, Jack Sparrow and his fellow pirates went to catch mermaids with the intention of getting one drop of their tears. Legend has it that you need a tear from a mermaid mixed into the water from the fountain of youth in order to make it work. Actually there are other elements to make it work but shall leave it to you to discover it in the movie. One clue is that one person needs to make a sacrifice. Anyway, the mermaids shown in this movie is not your typical mermaid ala Disney's mermaid. The mermaids in the world of Jack Sparrow can transform into ferocious men-eating beasts. Yes, one moment they are such delicate beautiful creatures and the next they show their huge fangs and appetite for men's flesh and blood.

This reminds me instantly of the wrathful Tara I dreamt of some time back. Refer to one of my previous blog post. It also reminds me of what a friend of mind describing what are the Tibetan Buddhist dakinis. They are said to be of two types, i.e. one beautiful and angelic and the other look like witches of old England. Actually I believe there is only one type and they can probably change from beautiful ladies to wrathful creatures and vice-versa. Very similar to the mermaids in this 4th movie on "Pirates of the Caribbean". They did it so convincingly that at times, it makes you fear mermaids, like they are werewolves or vampires. Interesting to you? Then go catch it.... if not for Johnny Depp or the gorgeous Penelope Cruz, then the mermaids. Hahaha... LOL!  

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