Sunday, May 15, 2011

Lamentations of A Hopeless Being

The leaves turn yellow,
The weed grows tall,
Our hair turns white,
Our beards grow long.
Decades gone by...
Attended so many teachings,
Did so much meditation,
And activities,
But ...still no enlightenment.

Still so much desires,
Still so much hatred,
Still lacking merits,
Still cannot let go.
Unable to distinguish the false and the truth,
Alas, we are still our wretched selves!
Hopeless beings.

note: this is actually an exhortation for people to reflect on themselves, especially your own bad habits and to ask yourself why you cannot progress much on the spiritual path, yet thinking you have so much merits and have such a great "bodhisattva attitude". Even with a fellow dharma brother/sister, you display such tactlessness, how to be a bodhisatva then?

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