Friday, April 8, 2011

A Letter from Sambhogakaya Guru

Someone wrote a comment in one of my post on ngondro practices today and I thought it is good to share a ngondro I received from my Sambhogakaya guru quite some years ago. What did I say? Did I say "Sambhagakaya guru"? 

Well, he looks like one of my nirmanakaya guru, at least in his physical aspect. I am not going to name who he is but in this dream I had, I receive a letter from him and was asked to recite and accumulate a certain particular mantra for a certain number of times. Because he only appeared in my dream, I call him Sambhogakaya guru. The other reason why I named him as such was because some months later I received a letter from the same guru but in physical aspect, i.e. the nirmanakaya guru. In this letter I was given several ngondros to do but none of these are the same as the ngondro I received in the dream. I never asked the guru what he thought about the dream. The important thing was that I believed in it.

The reason why I believed in it was that in the dream he told me if I could finish accumulating the said target number of mantras, I will get to receive a "certain practice". By the time I accumulate half of the target, I got the actual letter containing ngondros to practice from the same guru. By the time I completed the target total, I did actually receive the "certain practice" from him in Bodhgaya, India. Amazing, isn't it? And for some people they would stop at that. But no, I continued reciting and accumulating the said mantra till today. Sorry, I cannot reveal the mantra and anyway, it is not important for you to know. That's all my story.

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