Friday, February 25, 2011

A Personal Long Life Prayer for My Vajradhara Lama

Some verses dedicated to my Vajradhara Lama, the essense of all my Gurus.

Worse than …

Without hands
Without legs
Without eyes
Without ears

Burning in the hottest hell
Being chopped and cooked as an animal
Starving as a hungry ghost
Losing the precious human rebirth

Stricken with cancer

What could be worse than to be in
The darkest night,
The coldest cell,
And afflicted with the most terrible disease?

Unable to see my own shadow
Without the slightest warmth
Indeed, a most terrifying fate!

What could be worse than that?

Worse than all the above is
If I am without you – My Dearest Guru!

Without you, it is a million times worse.
The worst thing ever.
With you around, all blessings derive
Coldness gives way to warmth
Darkness gives way to light
Paving the way to all temporary and ultimate happiness.
Even though we understand impermanence,
We cannot afford to be apart from you.

Hence, dearest Guru
I kneel at your lotus feet
With all other sentient beings
We pray and plead
That you continue to guide us,
That you live long and prosperous!
May all your holy wishes come true!
May you turn the wheel of righteous dharma forever!
And may we have the good karma to benefit from you
for a long, long time!


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