Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kuan Kong dream

On Friday early morning (10 Dec 2010) probably between 4am to 6am, I have had a strange dream in which I was searching for something in an old house with many antique furnitures and old setting like in the 1960s Malaya. I opened one drawer and found it full of miniature Kuan Kong, the Buddhist Protector often found in Chinese Mahayana temples. Previously he was believed to be the General of Liu Bei in the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China. At that time he was known as Kuan Yu. Later he was deified and became known as Kuan Ti or often called Kuan Kong by the common Chinese folks. The miniature figurines are all about an inch in size and the Kuan Kong figurines are in various postures. Some were in the traditional posture of riding a horse and holding a sword in one hand, and some just standing with a sword. One strange posture had Kuan Kong on a boat/ship. Strange, huh?
I donot know what this means but the last protector I had dreamt of was the Eastern Mahayana version of Vajrapani. Not the Tibetan Buddhist version. And I have no idea if this dream has any significance but I will just put it here in my blog merely for record purpose. Recently I dreamt of Tara, a wrathful one, and I found out that Choeden Rinpoche will be coming soon to give a Cittamni Tara initiation and that Khenchen Rinpoche will recite the Tara mantra to help reduce the accident rate in the former Jelutong Expressway (now renamed as Lebuhraya Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu).

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