Thursday, October 21, 2010

What did you do on 20.10.2010 on 2010th hour?

Yes, Oct 20th, 2010 at 8.10pm, I did the same thing on 10.10.10, 1010th hour. And that is, to take refuge in Amitabha Buddha and aspire to take rebirth in His Land of Ultimate Bliss. I also wished that my family members, friends and others who aspire to reborn there also be successful in their aspiration upon the death fo the current physical body.

I also shared this with a few friends and told them that if there is anyone they know who is sick or having problems, they can take make a special wish for the recovery of these persons and the resolution of their problems. Even if they are not Bddhists, they can pray to whoever is their God on such a moment when the numbers are all in a symetric arrangement.

In Buddhism, when external happenings meets with internal factors or deeds, it will definitely result in a potential karmic seed. I regard it auspicious that my dad had given me his previous Nokia handphone. He had bought a new one. I regard it as his gift to Amitabha, through me. And with the deed done, his aspiration for rebirth in Amitabha's Pure LAnd will have a good causal factor now. Amitabha's Primal Vow never fails to liberate.

You see, what happened was that one day he had informed me that he had brought back a book of blank Heart Sutras in chinese for copying by hand. He just need to use a pen to go over the words. I was surprised that he had done so. He never had any interest in copying sutras or read much Buddhist books before. I am not sure what happened but I regard it as timely. It is very good that hsi good karmic connections with dharma had ripened. He is already over 70 years old and I am not sure how long he has left of his life. So it is good that he has begun copying sutras. When he had completed the whole book, he sms me what next he need to do. Earlier I did tell him that he just need to take the completed book to a temple or library. Or, if he has to burn it, he is to recite "Om Ah Hum" 3 times and visualise all the holy words flies out of the book and goes to the Buddha' Pure Land, before burning it. But my dad might have forgotten about what I had tld him and it was actually very good. This is because this time I didnot reply to him immediately. But I took the time to think. And it occured to me I should take this opportunity to benefit him and commit him to the dharma path inwhat could be his last phase of his life.

A few days later I replied back to him via sms. This is what I texted him. I told him to keep the copy he had completed, and get more sets to copy, i.e. 5 to 10 books. I said that it is believed that if a person can complete another 5 to 10, he will have booked a place in Amitabha's Pure Land. About 2 days later, my mother told me he had already got additional copies of the book and had immediately set out to copy the Heart Sutra, in the hope of securing a place in Sukhavati. I was happy when my mother told it to me. I was at once relieved that what I did worked. Before that, I was worried that it might not work. But then I told myself, what would be the the worst results. If it didnot work, worst is my dad will just stop copying. And I had nothing to lose. Hence, I went ahead and sent him the sms.

My only worry thereafter is his own karma might prevent him from actual rebirth and then he will think that I lied to him. But now that he had made "an offering" to me, through that sincerity, I have now no cause to worry much, but leave it to Amitabha's Primal Vow to take my dad across the sea of samsara. I am just glad he aspires to be reborn there. And a few days ago, my mother said he wants me to get him more books to copy. WOW! Talk about motivation! The causal factor is completed on 20.10.2010 at 2010th hour. So, what did you do at that moment? Nothing? Could not remember? It's okay. No worries if you didnot do anything special. As long as you are still alive, it's still not too late to recite "Namo Amitabha Buddha"!

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