Monday, October 18, 2010

My Blog Statistics

Statistics from January to Oct 2010 (till to-date)
Total Pageloads – 8211 (average 821 per mth)
Total Unique Visitors – 5223 (average 522 per mth)
Total first time visitors – 4347 (average 435 per mth)
Total returning visitors – 876 (average 88 per mth)

Compare to Jan to Oct 2009
Total Pageloads – 4044 (average 404 per mth)
Total Unique Visitors – 2331 (average 233 per mth)
Total first time visitors – 1851 (average 185 per mth)
Total returning visitors – 480 (average 48 per mth)

Visitors from Elon University, North Carolina (on Yong Vui Kong and Death penalty)

Note: Besides Elon University, there is another University in Texas that is interested in my blog on "cloned humans". I believe there are other articles that have been read by an education institution in Japan. Please remember to give credit to my blog. And if you wish to communicate to me, please give me a comment, and if you donot wish it to be published, please indicate. You can give me your email in your comment and i will respind back to you.

Visitors on Mahamayuri (Peacock Queen) (Sgp, 3m 42s) (Sgp, 4m 52s) (Sgp, 9h, 51m 8s) (Texas, 7m 1s) (Ukraine, 16m 19s) (Venezuela, 45m) (Penang, 3m 28s) (Sgp, 27m, 46s) (Sgp, 2h, 39m, 54s) (Canada, 1m 57s) (Penang, 58s) (Penang, 32m, 15s) (Indonesia – 9m 45s)

The below are Stats with visit length > 0 second. I am not sure how accurate it is but I believe some of these people do read my blog even though their length of time shows zero. This is because sometimes I get comments, but when I checked their stats, their length of time shows zero. I am not sure why.

Recent visitors 10 Oct 2010 until 6.30pm
5 from US
3 from UK
1 from Singapore
1 from Mexico
1 from Australia
1 from Busan, Rep. of Korea

Visitors on 11 Oct
UK  - 3m 12s
Elon Univ, USA – 3m 54s,
- 1h 59m 6s,
- 13s

Mexico – 37s
USA – 6m 30s
Penang, Malaysia – 11s
Taiwan – 22h 27m 42s
Utah, USA – 2m 16s

Visitors on 12 Oct
Sacramento, USA – 20s
Moorpark, California – 12m 7s
Folsom, California – 2s
Penang – 1m 3s
Elon University – 3m 16s
North Las vegas, Nevada – 36s
Sgp – 4m 1s
Jakarta – 10m 16s

Visitors on 13 & 14 Oct
Washington, USA – 45s
Unknown ( 20m 9s
Penang – 10s
-    6s
San Francisco – 4m 48s
Johannesburg, South Africa – 1m 54s
Denmark – 8m 35s
Yahoo (Sunnyvale, California) – 3s
Maharasthra, India – 9s
Sgp ( – multiple visits (length of time not stated)
Indianapolis, USA – 18m 16s
Manchester, UK – 4m 3s
Norway – 15s
Alberta, Canada – 7s
Victoria, Australia – 17m 57s
Sgp ( – 10m 16s
Abuja, Nigeria – 35m 16s

Visitors on 15 Oct
Jakarta – 20s
Pennsylvania, USA – 8h 46m 27s
Sgp ( – 4m 31s
Unknown ( – 30s
Greece – 4m 15s
Texas A&M University, USA – 1h 6s
Pg, Msia – 8s
Victor Mgmt Info Center, Japan – 1m 27s
Taiwan – 1h 13m 33s
Madhya Pradesh, India – 2m 4s

Visitors on 16 Oct
Michigan, USA – 54s
Birmingham, UK – multiple visits
BM, Pg – 56s
Lithuania – 8m 59s
Colorado, USA – 3m 3s
Canarias, Spain – 7m 2s

Visitors on 17 & 18 October
Taiwan – ( – multiple visits
Sgp ( – 42s
Medan, Indonesia – 3m 24s
South Carolina, USA – 22m 46s
Sacramento, USA – 1m 15s
Florida, USA – 15s
New York – 16m 11s
Oakland, California- 2h 30m 14s

Recently I have been exposed to the possibility of monetizing my blog. And this is not because I have suddenly become greedy. I will probably include some advertising banners and place it discreetly at the side and not in a way that will affect readers of my blog. I will probably be selective in the type of advertisement that can be placed. I will do it on a  trial basis and if it affects the blog negatively, I will take it off. However, with the extra money from these ad banner, which is not expected to be much anyway, I can do the following

i. be able to upgrade to a webhost with better features. With the contents in my own web domain, I will be able to do more things than the free blog sites.
ii. any extra I will be able to sponsor visits by lamas, Rinpoches, other Buddhist teachers, or donate for the beneficial projects. I donate quite often to FPMT projects such as their Eye Hospital in Amdo, Jade Buddha for Universal Peace, and I have even sponsored one man for a long term 3 year retreat in a Karma Kagyu center in Germany (if I remember correctly the location). That was through e-sangha before the forum ceased. Or, I can use the extra RM50 or RM100 for printing sutras. I am thinking of printing Amitabha Sutra (english version) for people to copy. In this way, people who cannot recite Amitabha's name will also be able to plant seeds of their rebirth to Amitabha Pure Land after they pass away. Any money from this blog adverts will not be enough for sure but the extra money from the ad banner will certainly help a little. I will see how it goes.

Conclusion: From the above, it appears that my readers are from other countries, rather than Malaysia. Some of my articles have also been featured in search engines such as and visited by "stumble" and "yahoo". There was at least once where my article had been translated into another language.  So, it is not really doing that badly, considering only one person completed my poll question. I would like to thank all my readers.


s said...

i think as u are spreading the dharma, doesn't matter about how many people read, it will always be great due to your motivation and your contents...

from my heart, thanks for all your wonderful blogs about dharma and practice... i hope it inspires many people towards virtue and more positive directions in their life, and finally, liberation

Mahabodhiyana said...

you're right. As such, it motivates me to keep on going if there are people who are positively affected or influenced or even if it is just for their knowledge, based on what I wrote. It is quite difficult to balance between considering a blog as a private journal and a public one. If there is no many people reading it, it serves more as a private diary.