Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Vision of Wrathful Green Tara

I woke up from my dream early this morning still with a clear image of the Tara that I saw in my dream. I was at a strange temple, not sure where is. But there was some ritual practice going on at that time. There was also a lot of lay worshippers there and making offerings. I went inside and into the main hall and was astonished to realise that the main deity was Green Tara. The Green Tara statue was very big and sits inside a glass enclosure. But my view of the statue was blocked by another statue of a baby sitting in front of the Tara statue. In the dream the baby is a disciple of Tara. There were other statues inside the glass enclosure of these 2 were clearly the main ones. I went closer to look at the statue of Green Tara... and I got a shock!

The face of Green Tara didnot look like the peaceful one we are used to but rather the statue had a wrathful look. She looked very fierce, with sharp big eyes. And the most terrifying aspect were the long teeth, each at least 4-6 inches long and were conical in shape and sharp at the end. Her mouth was wide open and it showed two rows of such sharp teeth each pointing upwards and downwards. It was most horrifying! Because of that, I did not look at it for too long. It's actually frightening and reminded me of the aliens of the "Aliens" movies! I checked the 21 Taras image but none of them were green in colour. The wrathful ones were black or reddish in colour. The closest is the 8-armed wrathful Green Tara but the dream I had had only 2 arms. Perhaps the statue only took on the face of one of the wratchful 21 Taras.

In the dream there were many pairs of shoes, just a few metres away from the statues. There was one big heap of black and white pairs of shoes... supposedly offered by worshippers to this deity. I am really not sure what it signifies. I think in the dream I also wanted to get one of the white pairs of shoes to offer to this Tara. I donot think this vision was a result of my imagination. Reasons are:-

1. it was a clear dream
2. the face and image of Tara was clear.
3. in the morning prior to the dream I had suddenly re-discovered a book I had lost for many years. The book was about mantras. However, I usually associate that book with Tara as the author shared his experiences on the Tara mantra. After discovering it, I kept it back at its place and did not think about Tara or Tara mantra after that for the rest of the day. So, I do not think the dream of Tara was due to me thinking of Tara the whole day. But the discovering of the book was a definite "sign". I had been looking for the book for more than 10 years, and only now I found it.
4. Even if I had imagined it, there was no way I could have dared imagine and distort such a peaceful image of Green Tara into such a terrifying one.

There are many questions in my head now. Did I do something wrong? Or, am I going to do something wrong and this vision is just a fore-warning? This is not the first time I have dreamed of deities. Are they watching over my back? If yes, I am as good as "dead". That's because they would have watched all my misdeeds. O-dear! Maybe I am going to be "eaten" by this ferocious Green Tara. Her sharp teeth are probably going to sink into my "head". Maybe one day, when I am good at thangka painting, I will draw it. Or, maybe I can commission someone to do it for me? Who knows?! What's for sure is that I will never again look at any image of Green Tara the same way again. In my mind, the peaceful image will always contrast with the wrathful aspect. Is that what it means by the black and white shoes, i.e. contrasting aspects in life? Like Yin and Yang of Taoism?

Whatever it means, I offer a big "Thank You" and offer you all my delusions to be "eaten"! Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha!


ondra said...

Green Tara, I saw years ago. I think 2001. It was an night LSD trip with some friends. We were outside the house. On the terrace. How goes time, at one point I stared at the LCD screen on the desktop where was static "vortex" image. You know some kind of spiral etc. Of course I saw him in constant fluid motion because of psychedelic state. I was a little longer out of perceives the events and was at rest. And then suddenly as though I leaked into another world through the screen. In this space which I devoured in this vision, many freshly green, it was the view from the top downwards. Environment very similar to the jungle. Breathe in the fresh on me. In the middle crawling along one of the branches calmly green character. Horizontal. She's wearing a round hat in decorative holders, bracelets on their hands. Rather naked body. However, the crystal-clear vision, everything had run so fast that I almost did not see this blending of reality. This figure was quite lively. She moved like living. I looked at her face to face. But here's the difference - a smile on her face. Smile, from which it was felt a great peace. :) When I saw that she was waving on me with her hand and starrin on me, I realized where I teleported. Then it kicked me back as quickly as there.

Before I did not know about Green Tara or I are very interested in the Tibetan mythology. This showed me that things are built on universal visions.

Thanks for sahring experience- ondrzej murono divinorum

Robert said...

or it could be another life entity trying to pretend to be green tara?

Mahabodhiyana said...

Possible, but I don't think so. Because I found the Tara book soon after the dream. And later, there was someone who gave some teachings on the 21 Tara and I discovered that there are different sets of 21 Tara mantras. Basically transmitted through different lineages. But whether true or false dream, for me, I have discovered my connection back with Green Tara, that had been lost for quite a while.

Hugabongga said...

Interesting, do you think there is any special connection between Tara and Vajrayogini? Thanks.

Mahabodhiyana said...

Possible, but I don't know for sure right now whether there is a connection or not.

timflatus said...

Seeing a wrathful form of Tara is not necessarily a bad thing, In fact there can surely be no negative interpretation of Tara. The wrathful form is there to protect you and your spiritual path. Om tara tuttare ture soha!