Friday, August 20, 2010

An Open Message to the Nagas

Dear Honorable Nagas,

I have no smoke puja nor any golden treasure vases to offer you all. But I humble hope that you all will consider to forgive the people in the region of Pakistan and China who had been faced with huge disastrous flood problems. It's time to stop.

Despite you live deep in the ocean depths or in rivers, in waterfalls, etc, I know you have the power to read computer messages. I am not sure what I have to offer you in order for the victims not to suffer such sorrow... except my sincerity. Anyway, please consider my sincere request. I pray that in turn you will be blessed to have a vision of a Lama with a golden hat, which not many people nor nagas have seen before! If you hope to be his disciple and protectors in the future when he emerges, you need to stop the destruction and harm, and help spread the Buddha dharma instead! If he does not emerge, you just help him till he does emerge.

In the dharma,

Message to humans:
Don't forget to help in whatever way you can, even if it is just a compasisonate thought/prayer for the victims. If you are doing naga puja, forget about your own requests to cure cancers and just think of the victims in Pakistan. With such compassionate self-less thought, that is the best naga puja you can ever offer to the nagas. And for all you know, that may just cure your illness too. Who knows? And if it doesn't, it won't matter to you if you are truely compassionate, right? You may not have been cured, but you have been healed! Hahaha... I learn this "phrase" from one Professor. :)


s said...

who is the lama with the golden hat?

Mahabodhiyana said...

Hahahaha....Why is it I am not surprised you will ask that question??? It's probably the same thing that's going through the nagas' minds now. I just know that the lama with the golden hat is a combination of 5 different deities/Buddhas. We need to wait patiently. I hope I get to see him too. We'll see. :)

s said...

wah so cryptic... hee hee... ok i'd be patient, do make a post when you see him!