Sunday, July 4, 2010

Of Spiritual Healers and Ghostbusters

The three stories in the links below refers.

There are many others like her in this country and in every other country.

Without referring to this lady in the links above or anyone in particular, my advice to people who are not truly liberated from samsara is really not to mess with ghosts and spirits. Being compassionate is good but trying to be a hero when you are not skilled enough, is foolishness. I am not saying any particular person is a fool, but let it just be a reminder to anyone who tries to be a ghostbuster, or healer, and I am not trying to say that you should help people with these problems, rather I am saying you must be careful. Be very, very careful! Otherwise, you are the one who may end up busted!

The papers and tabloids like to publish these sort of healers and ghostbusters. They tell of their successes and how their temples have even helped people win lotteries. But the stories of how much money people have lost after going to their temples, are not published. Also, the stories of how supposed "healings" have gone awfully wrong are not told publicly. More importantly, the stories of how the healers and ghostbusters themselves have got themselves into deep trouble are not popularly known. People only know the good side of the stories. The bad ones are ignored. It is said that if you associate yourself more with ghosts and spirits, you will accumulate more tendencies for rebirth as a ghost/spirit when you die. And more so if you have the habit of allowing your human body to be possess by these spirits in trance by being a medium or healer. It shows that you regard ghosts/spirits as mroe precious than your human body.

If you are into these sort of "services", my concern goes out to all who are not genuine masters and lamas. Even Ven. Master Hsuan Hua realised the trouble he could get into if he started healing people. He did warned of this in one of his sutra commentaries. But he is not saying, don't heal, rather he said one must know the consequences of what he/she is doing. And I understand that a normal human being usually will not be able to truely know the consequences of healing or the causes behind a certain sickness or problem. However, if you do know what you are doing and not just speculating or guessing the causes behind any ailments, and not pretending to be able to see ghosts/spirits, by all means, help people. But even then, one must be extremely careful!

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