Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Kind of Tourism

Referring to this news report, about a strange new "tour" I heard being offered at Singapore.

This is the first time I came across such methods. I cannot speak for other religions but in Buddhism, we can only visit Heaven and Hell through some methods. I can think of three: -

1. doing good deeds and gaining enough merits to land your self in heaven after death, or doing negative deeds and gaining negative karma to land yourself in hell

2. doing meditation and purifying the mind until you achieve a stage where your consciousness/mind (not physical body) will be able to “visit” these places. But visiting heaven or hell by way of consciousness/mind by meditation, is not the primary purpose why Buddhists do meditation. I need to explain this so that non-Buddhists don't get the wrong ideas.

3. visits via dreams are a possibility due to strong karmic imprints or connections to these places or deceased persons who have gone to these places. These dreams are also possible if it is by blessings from holy beings. However, these dreams are rare and genuine ones cannot be controlled or willed by the dreamer in any way.

I have not seen this Guan Luo Yin myself, so I am not able to really comment, but always check, check and check. People should be careful what they believe in. And not be easily conned.

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s said...

i think usually people get themselves into trouble when they dun curb their discursive minds... in life, there are so many weird and unbelievable phenomenon as well as negative entities, so we shd be careful and mind our own business (in the sense that we should concentrate on our buddhist practice). Don't get involved in all those flashy special things. One can get into trouble one day. The Shurangama sutra is very good to read in respect of such things.