Monday, July 19, 2010

Life is tough...but it's Precious. Hang on there...!

No matter how difficult your life is now, hand on there! Do not commit suicide, it's not the easy way out as people may think. It could be worse in the next life. Some people think that in the next life, if they become a ghost then they can take revenge on whoever had wronged them. But Alas! when they died, they found that they have been reborn as animals! If reborn as chickens, you will only live to wait to be slaughtered. How to take revenge? You cannot even protect your own life!! If reborn in the hells, it's a far greater sorrow than being reborn as animals. Imagine being cooked alive! If reborn as ghosts, the life of most ghosts are truly miserable, i.e. such as those hungry ghosts.

No matter how bad your life is, hand on there! OK? Reflect on the sorrows of the three lower realms. Life is tough. But it is extremely PRECIOUS. HANG ON THERE! DO NOT GIVE UP JUST YET! MAKE FULL USE OF IT TO HELP OTHERS. DO GOOD DEEDS TO ENSURE WE GET A GOOD REBIRTH WHEN WE ARE NO LONGER HERE. Not to give up life easily but not too attached to it either. Allow death to be natural.

What I mean is - do not be too pre-occupied with seeking a cure, especially for terminally ill cases. There's no use living up to 100 years old if in the next life, you're going to be reborn as a chicken.

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