Thursday, July 15, 2010

Buddha Turning the Wheel of Dharma

Today I almost forgot that today marks the first turning of the wheel of dharma according to the Tibetan calendar. But thank goodness, I still have a tiny little merit left. I checked an email and was reminded of it. Then I decided to be a vegetarian for the wholeday. I walked to a vegetarian restaurant some distance away from my work place but didnot bring an umbrella. It started to rain and I thought I might not be able to walk back without getting wet. After finishing my meal, I called a colleague to see if he can come fetch me back to office since he was also outside for lunch and he drove. Just about that time, the rain suddenly became less heavy and then to just a drizzle. I called my colleague and told him there's no need to come fetch me anymore. I walked back. When I reached my office, the rain came pouring again. But it does not always happen like that. Today I was lucky. So, thank you, rain!
Thank you to Buddha for turning the dharma!

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