Thursday, May 6, 2010

Liberating Spirits and Ghosts Pt1

Lately there are too many deaths occurring at the Jelutong highway almost in consecutive days. Recently there was a pregnant lady, due for delivery anytime got killed in an accident there. If you are in her position, you will surely feel extremely unhappy and sad and angry at the same time. If that happens, you’ll going to get stuck there as a unhappy spirit. You can accuse me of speculating but for me, this is a high possibility based on logic. Actually when I was passing through it recently, somethng came to my mind that the pregnant woman must be very upset and angry. And moreover, she died suddenly. And people who died suddenly may not always realise immediately that they are dead. They may not be able to accept it immediately. I have read Master Hsuan Hua saying that in one of his books sometime ago. You remember the movie by Bruce Willis, "Six Sense" about the boy who could see ghosts? The character played by Bruce Willis did not realise he was dead. Well, it is something like that. I am sorry, but I am not trying to scare people. So we really must take their plight seriously and try our best to liberate them in whatever way we can. It's something like the role played by that woman in Ghost Whisperor. What I mean is that there are indeed ghosts who need our help. Otherwise they would be stuck in their miserable existence and may cause more mischief...and possibly more human deaths.

Sometimes the priest who conducted their funeral may not be able to effectively liberate them to a happier rebirth. You would need a highly skilled master for this. Ven. Master Hsuan Hua have told of a story of a butcher who is actually a high bodhisattva. Externally he was seen as killing animals but in actual fact he was sending them to Amitabha’s Pure Land. There was a queen who came to know about this and she was dying. She instructed that upon her death the palace people must request for this “butcher” to send her to Amitabha Pure Land. He agreed and without long, fanciful pujas, he just said, “Since you want me to liberate you to the Pure Land, so I am sending you there. So…off you go NOW! With just those words, she took rebirth in Pure Land. That is the skill of a true Master. Only a truly skilled Master can do that, otherwise you will commit the karma of killing and end up in Hell.

If you are passing through that highway (and any other places you believe is haunted), and if you have a mantra CD, please open up your window and let the blessings permeate out to the open air. Hopefully “they” can get some blessings there. Better still is to get a skilled Buddhist Master to conduct a puja there and liberate the unhappy spirits.

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