Friday, April 2, 2010

An Offering to Kuan Yin

Dear Kuan Yin Bodhisattva Mahasattva,

I pray that I will never fall into the Hinayana attitude. May I always know that even though we may actually not be able to help everybody but that it is always important to keep the attitude that indeed we can help everybody. Whether we are Hinayana or Mahayana, it is all in the attitude. As Khenchen Konchog Rinpoche rightly said, bodhicitta is the sole and complete cause of enlightenment. May I never forget that!

May I also not wear coloured glasses to delude myself forever. But that I should from time to time, take off my glasses to see what’s the real colour of this world, i.e. what’s happening in the world and to others. May I never deceive myself by hiding in the world of my own making wearing “glasses” that justify my own misconceptions. In this world, there are too many people who think that they cannot do anything about unethical people. Even though they cannot do everything, they forget that they can still do something or a little thing like reminding their own kids to behave properly.

Even though I cannot help a lot of people, especially those long list of names of people who are sick that need prayers, I never ever thought that I do not need to help at all. Whoever has this thought, I pray that he/she not fall seriously ill, for people will then have this thought “we do not need to help him/her at all”. Not even the doctor will be able to help him/her at that time. People plant tremendously huge bad karma without realizing. How pitiful! How tragic the karma! I hope the protectors of dharma will wake me up (even if rudely) should I ever fall into such an attitude that don’t care about others. Such propositions can never ever be in line with the Mahayana attitude.

Tomorrow I will celebrate your holy birthday with this Mahayana attitude and offer it to you as a present. I hope this offering pleases you. May your bodhisattva deeds be expanded manifold and never give up on us, suffering sentient beings. Even though I am just an ordinary sentient being, I have been fortunate to understand a tiny little bit on this precious attitude. May my Gurus live a long healthy life and their dharma activities increase forever more. May my own dharma activity flourish! Whoever reads my blog, may they gain tremendous blessings and may their dharma practice be fulfilled!

Happy Birthday, my very dearest Bodhisattva Mahasattva Kuan Yin!

Just me - your student,

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s said...

Dear Guan Yin Bodhisattva,

You who show endless mercy and love
to beings trapped in our sufferings and pain,
who respond to every plea with swiftness and fast relief,
never neglecting any prayer to you, no matter how insignificant,
who guide us like your children to the other shore of liberation.
White robes, graceful, holding vase, scattering nectar of
bliss and wisdom with willow stalk,
constantly watching us with your loving eyes,
please forever grant your blessings
to remain in your compassionate care,
to remain inseparable from you, life after life.
which brings liberation swiftly,
in order to follow your footsteps,
to engage in the wondrous acts of Bodhisattvic proportions
working towards the salvation of all beings.