Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Consequences of holding wrong views


The link above has a story on an old monk who had a wrong view on dharma. Because of that one mistake (albeit on an important point), he was reborn as a fox for 500 lives. Hence, it is important to hold the correct view of dharma on those critical points of dharma such as the one in the story. Another example is never to say that other's wrong actions have nothing to do with us. Their problem is theirs alone. We cannot do anything to help. If you seriously believe in these statements, it will result in serious karmic consequences.

There are some views that we should never hold incorrect views (due to its consequences) but some are less critical and there are less implications even if we hold wrong views. Many Buddhists think that there are no right or wrong views. This is not correct. There are right and wrong views. Views that promote non-virtues are wrong. Views that promote virtues are right. Simple as that. If there is no right or wrong, there would not have been any evil and good. Then why would the Buddha advise that we "Shun all evil, Do all good, Purify the Mind"? Clearly, then there is good and evil, right and wrong.

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