Friday, March 19, 2010

Prayer Needed From You

Someone is undergoing surgery right now at a local hospital to remove a tumour from her brain. For each of my reader, please recite at least 10 times "Na Mo Kuan Shih Yin Pu Sa" or more for ET Yeoh and pray to Kuan Yin to remove all obstacles from the surgery so that the tumour will be removed without any complications, and that she recover fully and completely therafter.

Do it now. Only 10 times if you do not have the time. Thank you.


s said...


Mahabodhiyana said...

thanks. Knew I can count on you. Need the prayers to continue from the rest of the readers. I try not to frighten people with hundreds of recitations. If I had requested for 100 or 1000 recitations, then nobody would be doing it.

s said...

why did u remove her name?