Thursday, March 4, 2010

2012: Chinese Astrology and Mayan Prophecy

If it was just the Mayan prophecy, I would not have thought so much on the doomsday Year 2012 prediction. However if the chinese astrology also says it, wouldn't we pay more attention to it?

It was only recently that I read in Lillian Too's World of Feng Shui magazine (March/April 2010 edition) that 2012 will be a "turbulent" year. In fact she said that the next 3 years will be bad years. The Year of the Rabbit was described as "clashing" year, while the Year of the Snake as "fire battling with water" year. She didnot give further details except to say that only in 2014 will it be a more "palatable" year.

It was when a colleague asked me what year will be the year of the dragon that I realised Lillian Too's prediction of worst things to come in the following years apparently supports the Mayan prophecy of the end of the world. While we donot know how bad is "turbulent" and "fire battling with water", we can probably assume that whatever that is going to happen in 2012, the bad effects of it will continue to be felt after that, perhaps way into 2013 and only slightly improving in 2014.

And if you think the fengshui theories are wrong, you should be informed that Lillian Too had predicted more earthquakes to come after the big one at Haiti. One particular master even accurately predicted the earthquake in Chile. That's because according to fengshui, the South-West sector is "5 killing" sector and is a bad sector (to put it in simple language). And Chile and the surrounding countries are at that sector of the globe. Another sector said to be the 2nd worst is the North-East. And Lillian Too and this other master (and perhaps many others) also said that a disaster (or major disease, etc) in China or Taiwan is also very possible in the Year iof the Tiger. This type of geographical fengshui prediction is seldom wrong. But, we'll still hope it is wrong. Furthermore, it is believed also that the Western astrology also indicated something negative, similar to the Chinese astrology. It is something on the planets of Neptune, Jupiter, etc also shows something "bad" that's going to happen in the next few years.

Hence, I believe that some major dissaster is indeed looming in the horizon in the next few years. But I trust it will not be the end of the world. Nevertheless many people on a global scale will be affected by it. And needless to say, perhaps many death too. I am not an expert in the astrological things, but the recent events in Haiti and Chile and shifting of the Earth's axis, and the predictions by the astrological experts have made me think that we cannot deny or simply brush it away as nonsense.

Moreover, I also realised that I had dreamed about major floods (perhaps tsunami?) that hit my home town quite a few times. I never understood these dreams till now. Maybe one day I will relate more of my dreams later. I do think that perhaps it is a prophetic dream of what's to come. I don't know, ...perhaps I am thinking too much.

Newsflash: The next morning (4 Mar, 2010) after I wrote the above (wrote on night of Wed, 3/3/10), there was this news of a major earthquake in Taiwan (North-East). There will probably be more to come. This occurence jives with the fengshui predictions.

Note: Since the above post was written, I have written other blog posts on 2012. Read those posts under the subject "2012" on the left side of the home page. Please go to the homepage to read other dharma posts too. Don't be so obssessed with 2012.


s said...

you are not the only one who dreamt of floods coming. My friend who is now a monk too. And also, the tsunamis and strong winds have been seen in some psychic way. Mother Earth is rebalancing herself, cos we have been destroying her too much.

i dun think that it will be destruction of the world. But we may go back to basics, power/water supply and so forth may be less easily available.

Whatever it is, i think it will be a hard lesson for all of us. And Buddhists may be able to see impermanence on a very obvious scale and learn to hurry up and practice. i think there will be more suffering ahead. sighz

Mahabodhiyana said...

Yeah... I like the way you say it -"hurry up and practice", which is true.

天天有效 said...
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Robert said...
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lee said...

thanks for your document, I appreciate your in depth view of different angle of life..
thank you and hope these essy wl be read by more people.


lee said...

thank you for your documentation and view point... I agree with you . Don't just sit and wait for things to happen, find your own path with wisdom.

blessing !