Monday, January 4, 2010

Goodbye 2009, Welcome 2010!

Another year and decade has gone by and I am still not a Buddha, at least from my side. If others see me as one, I cannot control what others perceive. However, over the last one year, I believe I have had some spiritual progress. At least that’s what I think…hahaha!

Well, for one, I had started practicing Guru Yoga in 2009. With this practice, I get to reflect on bodhicitta at least six times a day (as advised by Lama Tsongkhapa). I also get to practice Mahamudra with this Guru Yoga meditation. And it's also a deity practice. Even though it is a short practice, it is packed with so many wonderful elements, I believe even I do not fully fathom its full potential. I have yet to gain any attainments, but with this practice, I have started on an important journey I had not started on this day last year. All this is due to blessings from the Guru. I did not expect the Guru to be teaching this Guru Yoga practice (nor did I have any expectations), but I made some efforts to go so far to see him. And as a result, I got far more than I could have imagined. Now I know why the guru is regarded as the root of all blessings.

Also, I have gone on a pilgrimage to Lumbini. With that, I have fulfilled going to 2 of the four Buddha’s sacred holy sites. I had been to Bodhgaya twice before. That leaves only 2 more.

In 2009, I have also been acquainted with a protector. He is an emanation of Vajrapani and is the same Vajraguard who had followed and protected the Buddha when he was around. He is commonly depicted in many Asian countries as two muscular protectors but he is also sometimes combined as one (sort of two-in-one image as mine is). I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for taking care of me in the last year and for protecting my home and following me on my pilgrimage trip recently. I know he had followed me there and had given me a hint that he was there. But I won’t say it here. I do not know what he sees in me but anyway, a BIG THANK YOU to him!

I am not sure what 2010 is in store for me, but I know it is not going to be easy. But I will do what I can as a sentient being. I am still subject to greed, anger and ignorance, so anything can happen. We will see how things go, ok? I pray that everything go smoothly in 2010 for all my readers, friends and all sentient beings! Take Care!

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