Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Referring to this news:

I was glad I made the effort to be there despite the fear of getting caught in the crowd. But my desire to be part of this historical event just made whatever fear of the crowd insignificant. By the time I reached there , it was about 9 something am. Nearly 10. The monks and Tan Sri Dr Koh, Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng are all there at the pavillion. I missed the beginning and the crowd was huge but smaller than I had expected. Perhaps everyone feared the crowd until they decided that attending such a significant event wasn't important. The most important part for me was when the Mahayana monks from China, Taiwan, Japan, and various other Asian countries circummambulated the Kuan Yin statue and sprinkled the water while they recited the Great Compassionate Dharani. And I was right in the front seat when each of them came down the stage in one long line of bhikkhus and bhikkunis and circumambulated Kuan Yin in a clockwise manner. Some of the water got sprinkled on my head. I was very delighted as I am one firm believer in the powers of this dharani. O-yes, I forgot to mention something significant a Christian did. The Penang chief minister, who is a Christian bowed to the Buddhist Sanghas and bowed to Kuan Yin. He will definitely benefit from this single act in the longer term, and perhaps ultimately gain his liberation.

As I was sitting among the Taiwanese sponsors, they must have thought my wife and I were sponsors too and we had the fortune to be invite to sit down on tables with food prepared and laid on the table. We need not have to queue for the lunch. I also took the opportunity to kiss HE Khamtrul Rinpoche on the hand after the event. I did not have a khata at that time. I bowed to both the protectors standing wrathfully just outside the Kuan Yin pavillion before I headed back home on that Sunday 6th December 2009. O-yes, the organisers distributed key chains with the image of the Kuan Yin and the pavillion. The pewter 1 foot height image of the pavillion and kuan Yin was even more beautiful. They gave one to each of the chief monk, I think. I am sure it will be available for sale alter and it will nto be cheap, I am sure. We considered getting one later, depending on the price. :)

In conclusion, it was a good trip and a blessed event. Everyone who visit Penang should visit this Kuan Yin to pay homage to it. DO you know that the newsmedia never report one important thing about the pavillion. On top of the pavillion they built 8 stupas surrounding one slightly bigger stupa and around the roof, they carved images of OM MANI PADME HUM in sanskrit letters all around the octagonal roof pavillion. This is truely beneficial because a sthe wind blows and touches the mantra letters, all the beings that get touched by the wind will benefit from it. So all Penangites will not only benefit from the tourism dollars but more importantly from the blessings from this statue. One word to describe this statue (despite the criticism of too much commercialising) - it's just simply AMAZING!

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