Sunday, November 8, 2009

2012 Destruction - WHAT IF?

Referring to the movie "2012" and the Mayan prophecy, whether the Mayan or others' prediction is true or not, it does not really matter to me as a Buddhist. As a Buddhist, we are suppose to be aware of impending death anytime. Only with this awareness, will we strive and put in effort in our Buddhist practice. Otherwise, this life will be wasted away.

Should this "end of the world" on Dec 21, 2012 be true, and we are told of it in advance by the world leaders (which is unlikely as they probably donot want everyone to panic), I am going to share with you all what I think I will do in my last few weeks on Earth.

For one, I will stop work and go on a pilgrimage trip to all Four Buddhist Holy Sites as well as the other four holy places of miracles associated with the Buddha in India as well as in Nepal. Besides that I will visit all the other holy stupas and Way Places in India and Nepal. I will also visit the Four Sacred Mountains in China and pay homage to the Great Bodhisattvas there. And not to forget all the holy monasteries and stupas in Tibet and China such as Ganden, Potala Palace, Drepung, Sera, Samye, Drikung Thil and many others.

Coming home, I will convert the rest of my money into something I can barter trade for food post-destruction (if I survive). Notes and coins are very likely to be worthless then. And I don't think keeping gold bars are practical because they will like to be stolen very quickly. Maybe grains and rolls of cloth. These could prove to be useful for others even if I don't survive.

And as the D-day approaches, then what? If I can't be at any of the holy sites then, I will be at a mountain or hill doing my Guru Yoga meditation. I think that thinking of the guru is the best thing to be doing as impending death approaches.

Regardless of whether Pentagon or the White House is keeping secrets or not on any impending "Dec 21, 2012", it is important to prepare ourselves mentally and keep in mind the bigger picture, i.e. life does not end with the destruction of Earth. Birth and death will continue on and on. That's for sure, until liberation is achieved. It is said that only 1/3 of the world will be left remaining on Earth post-destruction, and if you are one of those survivors, think again - are you lucky or unlucky? There will be a lot of suffering for the survivors. Isn't it better to strive for rebirth in the Buddha's Pure Lands and wait there until the world is rebuilt again? Or, better still if you can remain in the Buddha's Pure Land. Normally having gained rebirth there, you don't go anywhere else after that, unless you want to come back to samsara to help sentient beings...or, to continue your bodhisattva training there.

By the way, if I am not wrong, only the Buddhas' Pure Lands will be spared of destruction at the end of the kalpas. It is said that even the heavens of devas and angels will be destroyed at the end of the kalpa. So, don't strive to be reborn in the heavens at that time. The only safe place is the Buddhas' Pure Lands.

So, this piece has been about my thoughts and response as a Buddhist to "2012 destruction - What if it really happens". What about you? What do you plan to do?

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s said...

i think i will pray to Amitabha inseparable from Guru and focus on making mandala offerings and chod which cuts attachment to my body and possessions etc. I will keep contemplating the suffering of samsara and wish very hard to get out. I think in general the main thing is to cut attachment and pray to go to Dewachen. That's why it's good to make Amitabha a vital part of one's practice now. If i'm sure doom's day is coming, i'd make sure i'm in Bhutan or some blessed place. Bhutan is supposed to be one of the last places to fall, it seems according to some prophecies. Dun ask me for quotes.