Monday, October 12, 2009

Tigles Appearing at Jade Buddha

At the Jade Buddha's World Tour in both Vietnam and Sydney, Australia, tigles (or referred to as Mandala Lights at their website), the tigles have been photographed and reported at the Jade Buddha's venues as can be seen in the pics at their website. Look at the pics below.

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Note: From today onwards, I am also renaming my blog to "Buddha And Me" in line with my blog web address.


s said...

Bigger jade buddha coming up

Mahabodhiyana said...

I thought the one at Anshan city, CHina is biggest? The Vietnam's Jade Buddha is reportedly at only 30 ton whereas the one at Anshan is said to be 260 ton. But I donot know whether the info on Anshan is correct or not. It's from the internet. Someone should check Guiness Book of Records.