Saturday, October 24, 2009

Tigle Bubbles in Water Bowls - Again!

I am not sure what I should call them, or if the term tigle is appropriate or not, or whether I should call them "mandala bubbles", but five days after I met with my teacher, the tiny little bubbles appeared in my water bowls again. Yes, this is the third time. I am not sure if it has anything to do with meeting the teacher or not, but it sure does appear like they are blessings. Someone made a comment that these could be "sentient beings" as well, and it could be positive or negative. I have asked a few Tibetan monks before (of various traditions) but no one seems to have seen these before. I have not really not asked that many actually, because I donot want to make this a big thing and become attached to it. Anyway I cannot control it. If it comes, it comes. If it vanishes, it vanishes. There's nothing I can do about it. So I'll let the "sentient beings" come if they want....and go if they want. If you have any news, please let me know. Drop a comment.

Refer back to the posts I did in the past under the subject heading "bubbles (tigle)" or "water bowl" if you are not sure what I meant...and if you want to see the pics of these "wonder bubbles" or whatever you want to call them again.

This time the bubbles seem smaller in size and seem to be vanishing at a faster rate than the first or the second. The first ones vanish the slowest. I let these bubbles vanish by themselves before I change the water bowls. But I place additional new bowls as offering.

O-yes, a few bigger bubbles also appeared in a few "drinking water bottles" (unopened ones) that I had placed on a side table beside the altar. The drinking water bottles were not meant for offerings. One was a "Spritzer" brand drinking water. Not yet open and bought by my wife for the Nine Emperor Gods festival that is celebrated by many in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.

Strange, huh? Do you guys want to see pics of the third time appearance?


s said...

i have heard of water bowls not freezing over in winter as a sign of accomplishment. But this must happen during intensive practice for it to count. But i have not heard / seen such water bubbles. It could be that since we dun have winter here and the deity wishes to show a sign, so bubbles arise. Whether it is good/not, depends on whether u have been practising alot at that time or not, if not, it probably isn't a sign related to your practice. Maybe something like an portent for the future in your ordinary life. U cld do a mo divination for this if u wanted to be sure... signs do sometimes show up on the altar from the yidam. for eg. flame shapes, incense smoke shapes, water bowls, relics appearing. I have also heard of water in water bowls swelling up so that its like an protruding eyeball (in certain context, a good sign), of course the final advice is always, dun be attached. If you have your own guess, do share with us. Always nice to be inspired by the hidden messages of the Buddhas/Bodhisattvas.

Mahabodhiyana said...

I have not been doing anything around this time except I started doing a short Guru Yoga since last Sunday (18/10), which I am doing it six times a day. The commentary to this Guru yoga says that it is profound in meaning and rich in blessings.

Thanks for your comments.