Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lama Umapa

This morning I woke up and remembered the name "UMAPA" very clearly in my dream. Only the name is clear, but I have forgotten the rest of the dream. But I remember it is something about seeking the teachings of Umapa. I have not been reading about Lama Umapa lately, so I am not sure why I dreamt of his text or his name now. For your info, Lama Umapa was Lama Tsongkhapa's teacher (as well as student) who was the intermediary between Manjusri and Tsongkhapa. They communicated through Lama Umapa. But later, Tsongkhapa was able to directly communicate with Manjusri, without Lama Umapa. They did many retreats together. Anyone has any sadhana or verses /practices written by/attributed to Lama Umapa?
from Berzin Archive:
Tsongkhapa also went to study the practice of Manjushri Dharmachakra (‘Jam-dbyangs chos-kyi ‘khor-lo) and Madhyamaka with the Karma Kagyu Lama Umapa (Bla-ma dbu-ma-pa dPa’-bo rdo-rje). This great master had studied Madhyamaka with the Sakya tradition and, since childhood, had daily visions of Manjushri, who taught him one verse each day. Tsongkhapa and he became mutual teacher and disciple. Lama Umapa checked with Tsongkhapa to get confirmation that the teachings he received in his visions of Manjushri were correct. This is very important, since visions can be influenced by demons.
Together with Lama Umapa, Tsongkhapa did an extensive retreat on Manjushri. From this time onward, Tsongkhapa received direct instruction from Manjushri in pure visions and was able to receive from him answers to all his questions. Before this, he had to ask his questions to Manjushri through Lama Umapa.


Leonardo said...

I don't know actually how to start to say what I'm saying.
I'm from Italy, I'm a zen monk that has practiced vajrayana too, particularly Dzogchen.
XXII Gomo Tulku Sonam Rinchen told me that I'm a reincarnation of some heremit Lama of the past and (I'm grateful for this) he told me that it was not the case to give me any official rank.
I myself I'd never ask him who was the Guy but one very day, practicing a voice told me that I'm (litterally) Umapa Pawo Dorje...
The first reaction was laughing: "C'mon" I thoung "Umapa must be a very valuable guy... It looks so much similar to Karmapa..." and laugh again.
But the day after I google the name and with my astonishemnt it appeared.
I didn't said it to anybody for years.
...And I don't think it's so important...

Leonardo Anfolsi

Mahabodhiyana said...

Thanks for the info. So, you need to live up to your "status".... ya? All the best.

Umapa said...

We are all tulkus of the universe and we must learn how to live up to this supreme status... Good luck to you too.