Sunday, October 11, 2009

Jade Kuan Yin and Other Comments

Same Jade Kuan Yin
A few days after I wrote the blog on my dream of the Jade Thousand Armed Avalokiteshvara, I found an old diary where I discovered I had dreamt of a similar Jade Avalokiteshvara before. I actually have forgotten about that dream because it happened so long ago. But today I tried to find the diary entry again, I could not find it. That’s because I have so many diaries. But if I am not mistaken the entry was dated in the year around 1993. So, you can imagine, after about 16 years, the Jade Kuan Yin came back to me. And I have no idea why.

Om Mayura Krante Svaha
One colleague of mine came to my office and saw my Peacock Queen picture and became interested in the mantra. So, she learned the mantra by heart. Glad to share it with her.

Great Compassion Dharani
I attended a recitation of the Great Compassionate Dharani recently and recited it for 108 times. I sat at a corner where I could view the Buddha Sakyamuni and flanked by Ven. Maha Kassapa and Ven. Ananda one one side. And on the other side, there was the three saints of Amitabha Pure Land. During the recitation, I had a good visualization where it became so real till it did seems at times that Buddha Skayamuni and his chief disciples were actually there. What seems like inanimate statues, also became alive as Amitabha Buddha, Avalokiteshvara and Mahastamaprapta Bodhisattvas (or Vajrapani). And to have these holy beings in front of you, you feel like so blissed out! I like the look of the Kuan Yin image. Her head was slightly looking down and her eyes semi-closed and I thought she was deeply listening to the cries of all sentient beings. She knows our every thought and actions. She knows and hears our every scream to her for help and mercy. And she is constantly eminating millions of transformation body out of herself to bless and help there sentient beings. However on the side of the sentient beings it’s not necessarily that we are able to receive her blessings. Sometimes we are too heavily indebted by our own misdeeds. Hence we are only to blame ourselves if our prayers do not come true or we seem not to receive any blessings at all. So, all these were in my mind during the assembly to recite the great compassion dharani. In short, if you think statues are in front of you, then you are just praying to statues. But if you could see that real Buddhas were in front of you, then you deal directly with the holy ones directly and obtain direct blessings as a result. However, seriously, it’s not just a matter of playing with our visualizations.

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