Sunday, August 9, 2009

Need help from Buddhas

I have not been able to post lately, because I have been sick with the flu. The symptoms are almost like the A(H1N1) flu. But there is no way for me to confirm this because the government hospitals won't do the test unlike you are warded or seriously ill. I read that as only if you are critical (read as "half-dead"), then only they will do the throat swab for you. This is ridiculous because by then, it will be too late. No wonder the death rate is increasing.

I called up a few hospitals and most of them said they donot do the throat swab test to confirm A (H1N1) even though I read in the papers that certain private hospitals are allowed to do so by the ministry of health. I was happy when I called Gleaneagles Medical Center and the lab nurse confirm that they do perform the throat swab test. However I felt I got cheated when I went there and I was told the test is only for influenza A; not specifically A (H1N1). But they said the percentage is high that if you are tested positive for influenza A, then it is likely you have A (H1N1) also. But it doesnot mean that if the test result is negative for influenza A, then you do not have A (H1N1). It's a different strain of virus. Since I was already there, I had no choice but to agree to do the test at GMC. I could have gone to other cheaper hospitals though. I am disappointed that while other local hospitals were honest in saying they donot perform the A (H1N1) throat swab test, GMC had decided to inform me by phone that they do perform the test, only to find out that it is only the influenza A they are testing. I would still need to go to the government hospital to check for A (H1N1).

And the bill is not cheap. Worst thing is they gave me 4 x10 pcs of Panadol. I was shocked. Why would the doctor prescribed to me so many panadols. If my fever would not subside within 1 strip (10 pcs), does the doctor think that taking another 30 pcs will help? It's ridiculous. Anyway I showed the medicines that I already have been given by the provae GP clinic that I visited the last few days. It was because I have serious diarrhea settling in that I decided to see the doctor at the hospital. The doctor confirmed I have other infections settling in and gave me Clarithromycin antibiotics and Fluimucil to allow the phlegm to come out. I have no complain of these medicines except I am not sure why he didnot give me any medicines for the diarrhea. Also I am not sure if the diarrhea is due to the side effects of the antibiotics or is the Fluimucil making my watery diarrhea worst.

I wanted to return the panadol to GMC but the counter staff gave the excuse that since I ahve paid for it, it is troublesome to reverse. And the staff nurse at the Casualty ward said that I can keep them for future use, and their panadols are imported panadols. It is ridiculous for hospitals to suggest they are prescribing something for patients to keep for future use. Anyway it is cheaper to just buy panadol from the local pharmacies. And I donot think the local panadol is any less efeective than the imported ones.

The fever lasted from Wednesday night till Saturday early morning but in between it went up and down a few times. Sometimes ti subsided, sometimes it is high. And I had to wake up at 2.30am Saturday to take panadol. It was several uncomfortable nights. It somewhat subsided from Saturday onwards. But I still had the diarrhea. And my wife asked me to take Pil Chi Kit Tek Aun, which actually helped.

Anyway I pray that I am able to get well soon. And if you could pray for me as well, that will be good. You do know from the previous blogposts that I have been having various sicknesses for the past 4 weeks. I think i was also attacked by a Khumbanda ghost 2 days back. I'll tell more about this later.On Sunday morning, I had also dreamt of a bad omen about my father. For some unknown reason, this 4 weeks have been full of health obstacles. And I can't seem to purify this latest one. Looks like I am being purified by it. I certainly need some help from the BUDDHAS!!!

Update Monday 10/8/09

As of today, I definitely felt a lot better. Throughout this ordeal, I put my trust on my gurus. Just before I contracted the flu I saw this verse by Ven. Master Hua. He said:

"...Human nature does not differ
among you, me or them.
Both Sages and ordinary folks
must undergo tests and training.
Since the Way is the same for
all who practice, once we
understand specifics and principles
how could we doubt each other?"

This is an extract of his words in verses. It is found in
But I also believe the path of beginner bodhisattvas is not necessarily smooth. This is due to all the trainings and tests he/she need to undergo and not every test is going to be pleasant experience. They should also regard it as purification of "future bad karma" that could be worse. If you have not experienced the full suffering of samsara, how can you understand the feelings of sentient beings that you intent to save when you "graduate" next time to be a full-fledged Arya Bodhisattva. How then would you have the urgency to extricate sentient beings from their sorrows? For example, most people hapily go about their lives and people still organise guge gatherings where the public gathers in large crowd, ignoring the advice from the health ministry to avoid large events and public gatherings where the transmission of A (H1N1) is most transmissible. We still have "PC Fairs", "Rat Race" and others. You don't seriously think about it until you or someone in your family gets it. Then only you'll open up your eyes. But I know some people could also say all the suffering is due to our own bad karma and that I must have done something wrong to be suffering all these.

Well... whatever it is, it is for me and you to think about it, right? I wish you good health and happiness in life always and reach enlightenment quickly! In the meantime, I still have some painful ulcers in my throat! Take care!

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