Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lacking Bodhicitta

As usual, people go on in their lives as if nothing happen. And not a single soul bother to wish me in a comment "Are you better? get well soon, ok....will pray for you". Have we become heartless? Or, conceited with our dharma practice?

You think I am a thangka for you just to look and see without any emotions? It's not that I crave for such things, but it makes me wonder what happened to all that dharma practice that people are supposedly interested in? Sometimes the person with the least dharma practice can be the most kind. And I know one such person, because she came to see me bringing me food and other things. To me, she is the one who taught me the most dharma. She teaches me BODHICITTA by her selflessness. And the person with the most dharma practice, can be the most uncaring. But this person justifies him/herself by thinking that it is "equanimity". Yeah, right! They don't even know the difference.

You may think I am whining...and maybe I am, but on your side, if you don't learn your lessons, even if the Buddha appear right before you, you wouldnot be able to recognise him. Even if Atisha were to appear before you to teach the dharma, you still won't gain any realisations. And that's a pity! I have said it many times before, that if we hope to be like Kuan Yin (Avalokiteshvara) with many hands, and eyes and ears, we must start to be more responsive to sentient beings' call for help. You must be able to hear their cries, even though they donot open their mouth to you and say "Please help me". If you can hear these "inner cries", then you have gained one of the telling signs of having realised bodhicitta and you have some hope of success in your spiritual endeavour. Otherwise, you are still hopelesly enmeshed in samsara!

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