Monday, July 13, 2009

Khenpo Konchog Rangdrol

Last Sunday Khenpo Konchog Rangdrol (DrikungKagyu) was invited at a friend's house and I was invited there. It was only a small group. Less than 10 of us including Khenpo-la. He didnot really gave a talk but just chatted and answered our questions as we had tea. Among the things he touched on was:

- Ngondros (preliminary practices) are done before tantric practices for purposes of purification of the mind as well as generating merits/blessings. Without blessings, our tantric practice will not be successful. And they talked about one guy who had gone on a retreat and completed his prostrations ngondro. So, this also answers the question someone ahd asked me,what is the benefit of completing ngondro.

- He talked about the late Drubwang Rinpoche. He related incidences when he knew the karmic propensities of all his donors. The moment you give him something he knew all about you. All the money he had collected from his talks and visits he would take them back and recite prayers and dedications. Once a few dollars dropped on the floor as he was receiving and blessing his students. And he was busy looking on the floor for the money. Some people may have wrong thoughts that he was attached to donation money. Actually he explained later that if he didnot find the money and bless the donor, the donor would be deprived of so much merits. So, you can see the level of his compassionate heart.

- Khenpo-la also explained that a person who has seen emptiness will have that level of ability as Drubwang Rinpoche. And a person who had the view of emptiness is like a person who knows the taste of noodles from others' description of the taste and whether it tastes good or bad. But he/she won't know the actual taste. So, that's the difference between having the view of emptiness (the third principle aspect of the path) and actual realising the path of seeing, which is seeing emptiness for the first time).

- he also said something about the 1st Chungtsang Rinpoche. He was said to be a manifestation of Yamantaka and all successive Chungtsangs have that wrathful look on their face, even the present one. He related one story about the 1st Chungstang whereby he manifested some miracles and tormas start flying. I did not catch the details of the story. (this para added in on 17 July 2009)

So that's about some of the teachings from the informal chat we had.

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s said...

Drubwang Rinp was wonderful. I have had many encounters with him both in physical reality and dreams. I think the most striking thing about him was his no-nonsense stand on ethics. Which is strange considering that he is someone who has truly realised emptiness. But i think it is a reflection of his compassion for us. He hated others to eat meat, felt that we should persist in vegetarianism even if the doctor told us that it wld harm our health. I felt his advice on Om Mani Padme Hung is very inspiring. He said to practise very hard so that life after life one gets higher and higher mind until one achieves liberation from samsara totally like him. I have his photo where i can see when i practice and when i get up from sleep. He truly went thru so much suffering to accomplish in this life. Looking at his image, one gets reminded that liberation is possible and great effort must be put into it. There is so much more about him but i think i've said enuf here. Sorry