Friday, May 29, 2009

Zen or Tibetan Buddhism?

I once asked my Zen Master this quetion: whether I should practice Zen or Tibetan Buddhism? Guest what he answered?

He said:

"Don't Know is before thinking;
Before thinking is Clear Mind;
Clear Mind is Moment to Moment JUST DO IT.
If you make something, which means Zen and Tibetan Buddhism,
Already you have wrong way.
So you must JUST DO IT moment to moment.
That is your way."

I have the fortune to have some private moments with this Zen Master to receive meditation teachings direct from him. Unfortunately, my little brain "don't know" about it... too stupid perhaps to understand. But... now looking back, I realised that indeed, I didnot have to choose. Now I have a little bit of understanding what he meant by "Just do it". I think so. I hope so. Whatever way it is, the important thing is you need to have the blessings of your Guru. Anyway, I was not really too deep into Zen in the first place, and my karma with Tibetan Buddhism was fast catching up with me then. Now I am completely submerged by it... Hahaha... LOL!! But I shall always appreciate what he taught me.


Budismo Zen said...

Thanks infinitely for this story. I've just realized it. I had the same question and this is the perfect answer.

I ask for your permission to translate it into to spanish and to publish it in the blog:

Thanks... thanks.

Mahabodhiyana said...

Sure, you can translate it. Just put the reference to this blog. Thanks.

But I hope you understand what the "answer" means. Ultimately when you do meditation, whether Tibetan technique or Zen technique, both involves putting all our ordinary thinking and thoughts down. You also got to know that for Seung Sahn Sunim, he does not care about which technique. Any technique that can bring you to the state of what he called "don't know mind" is sufficient. Other masters call that "Mahamudra".

All the best!