Tuesday, April 7, 2009

An email from a Muslim

The below is an email I received on monday morning (6/4/09) and I donot know who the sender is nor why he/she picked me to "discuss" with me (or debate, perhaps, if that is his motivation). I donot know where he got my email from, but obviously he is infiltrating Buddhists sites not to learn Buddhism but to convert Buddhists. This is really disappointing. They got nothing better to do?

I am a Muslim and I want to talk about Buddhism vs. Islam. I found your address from a Buddhist Group, Site.

Dear computer user Buddhists!!!You use computers programs and networks built by programmers or System Administrators. But do never forget these important points;

This Universe is a dazzling (marvellous) computer. It has a Great Programmer who has created all things and the earth in the Universe and for the earth, He has built the sun as a “ power source “ and the moon as a “ system clock “.This power source has never been shutdown, and this system clock has never been corrupted. Therefore, this demonstrates the Science and the Art of the Programmer.This One is also a so exalted programmer who has written a life program for our earth and it has been running for more than 100 thousands of years without any " error " and " crash “ If you want to realize how a Great Programmer “ He is first look at yourself. He located your all data in a tinny cell that cannot be seen by your naked eye, and He is executing the program in it.

Since DNA is an obvious 3D program, and any program cannot be written out of a programmer, the computer programs that you use are also product of skills, but if they are compared with the Glorious One's (Universal Program), yours like a mirror reflection.Moreover as He makes your cells talk and communicate with each other on trillions protocols in the network, He has given you all your needs so He makes you talk with other people, makes you smile and listen.He has prepared light and voice in order that you can be aware of everything around your environment, but you cannot add any new device without His Permission. For this reason there is a so Great One, The Network Expert who knows your all needs and gives the hard wares that you need.

What you can do as a network administrator (or an end user), is very tinny, if it is compared with the Science (Wisdom) of the Network Administrator of the Universe. Yet, it is a great favour for you. He has created natural beauties, green plants colourful flowers, delicious fruits (and all kinds of food) for your amusing. What is more He has endowed extra senses that have not been used in your computer systems yet. Tasting, touching and smelling. In the green leaves, there are perhaps quadrillion x quadrillions of micro chemical factories that decompose life-giving oxygen from carbondioxside (and monoxide).

He has created you from a single cell, zygote (two haploid cells), shaped your body giving your balance etc. that has not been reached by any robotic technology yet.(In fact this match is not sufficient. Even the computers having the most developed technology are extremely shallow when they are compared with the electrochemistry in the human brain and nerve system (cells). What is more the universe, solar systems are much greater and indeed much far from this comparing)

This One is the Owner and the Absolute King of the whole Universe from the earth to the heaven, from the atoms to the stars, from the beginning to the end.It is completely invalid to say " I do not obey the Master, Programmer of the Universe, I only obey Buddha Statues and Buddhism words the way it is baloney to have a Buddha statue picture in your computer by saying “ I do not obey any programmer, but I only trust in this Buddha Picture “.Because the Creation of the Lord is an Open Truth!However according to Buddhism many questions regarding the universe, existence, and life cannot be replied.Since it has no longer enough for any explanation of that power to consider only the existence of the universe, as Buddhism did not even mention ages ago (and as popularizers of Buddha continue to do today).

Each of the steps and structures that Buddhists have said (for the universe and the life) were so simple actually involves staggeringly complicated biochemical processes of the life (of the living beings) that cannot be papered over with rhetoric.Regarding Buddhism. I have never wanted to insult to your religion. I see that you Buddhists have Buddha Statues to pray or etc. You believe his concept and way (even though worshiping of the Buddha really means paying homage, veneration and devotion to him and what he represents, and not to the stone or metal figure).However, we see the universe by examining. Our earth can never be compared with any Buddha statue (on account of size, volume). Yet, our earth is very small if it is compared with the Sun. The immense Sun is very tiny when it is compared with our Galaxy.

Our Galaxy is very small (like a dust), if it is compared with giant Galactic systems.Since this is the fact, since we live in the Universe whose size is so immense and cannot be imaged, and since in it there are Supernovaes, Novaes, Black Holes, Quasars, Nebulas, Red Super giants, and then surely the Buddha statues and buddhisim are NOTHING when they are compared with that beings in the universe.According to Muslim faith, we believe in the existence of the One, Unique, Incomparable, Merciful God (Allah) – the Sole Creator. He creates and sustains all things in the Universe. He is our Cosmic Designer (The Creator of the Universe) and He capable of creating the dazzling array of living things, Universe is great beyond all imagining. He is Higher than all things. As it is stressed in the Qur'an (Muslim Holly Book Sent by ALLAH to Prophet Muhammed (SAS) : HE IS THE CREATOR OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. (SURAH ASH-SURA: 11)

(The Qur’an is a very great book that contains many subjects regarding the science (astronomy, geology, embryology, zoology etc. whose properities have just been found even in this age), society laws, historical information, archaeology, life after death. )You believe in the existance of the Paradise (after death). But one cannot be in the Paradise, unless that one yields to our Cosmic Designer. According to Islam, there is no re-incarnation. People are sent to the World at once and they are given enough time to choose the true path. After they die, they are re-created and Judged.

(On the Day of Judgement).According to your belief. You can say " we will be in the Paradise according to our deeds, but Buddhism says there is no Creator ". Then who can send you to the Paradise? Who will judge you? Who will decide whether your deeds are good or bad? Your reply is “ that is the Cycle of the life”. According to you all events in the Universe, birth, death,(the life) other beings are due to the Cycle and it is not created, it is all natural. In fact it can’t be true. Why?Because:We can examine the cycle of a circle (wheel) We know the circles (wheels) are designed on the computers by the engineers, Let us take an example a Jeep wheel. ( Land Rover - 4x4) whose diameter is about 80cm. Its tire and rim are programmed on the computers, by the engineers due to very significant balance, calculation and measure.

Tire tracks are designed according the road and weather conditions e.g. ice, snow, desert, rain etc. (Goodyear, Continential) , the rim is similar, suitable metal alloy is programmed and produced. This demonstrates and shows an intelligent engineer, programmer (designer).Then in the universal cycle, there are billions of galaxies revolving in their centre. In only our galaxy there are about 200 billion stars revolving very fast and having so great sizes with their thermonuclear operations internally (such as the sun is about 1.300.000 times greater than the earth, it is an average yellowish star with a temperature 5500 C. Massive hot stars are blue-white and glow at 10.000 C. Such stars rapidly consume themselves as their hydrogen converts to helium like a thermonuclear reactor) by travelling in their orbits according to perfect order (protoplanetary disk and accretion disk of embryonic solar systems in which new planets are born), giant nebulas, novaes etc.

Considering the earth it is propelled in the space among formidable conditions for instance very hot stars, stellar wind, cosmic radiation, meteors, frozen cold zones of the space, In spite of all these difficulties, there are thousands of species plants and animals living because of perfectly designed physical and biochemical cycles (cycle of seasons, carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, our atmosphere layer, Van Allen magnetic shield of the earth that protects us from Electron winds), much perfect, greater and larger than the Cycle of Jeep’s wheel of course. Therefore, this shows the Engineer and Designer of the Earth and the Universe, the all Wise and the Most High. It introduces Him even to the blind eyes, according to science that we study.Friend, pls don't be cheated! All beautiful things that you see in this worldlifeprogram are only “ limited trial “ versions.

As you see you can never save your wealthy and joyful times. Then know the One who has written this Cosmic Program. Besides is it Possible for the Programmer , to write such a beautiful program, and not to show us " about " to introduce Himself?You are judged by your boss, your teachers because of jobs, home works, examinations. Your boss pays your money, and wants business, your teacher teaches you lessons and wants success and information. Similarly to this is it possible for the One who has endowed you trillions of nerve (network) protocols and computerized ambiance (life) etc. not to judge you on the Great Court?When the time comes, the earth and the universe will be destroyed. People will be re-created and judged. Regarding the Judgement Day, cannot you see Allah, Our Cosmic Designer, sends the rain and revives the death soil, by changing it into verdant land? Similar to this surely He will re-create (revive) all people on the Great Court.

Then He will send to the Paradise or the Hell. Cannot the One who has Created the earth and the universe, (the golden shores, sand, green palm forests, vineyards, blue sea ,sky and other beauties of the earth as examples of the paradise and in the stars at 10.000 C. consuming themselves as their hydrogen converts to helium to a cosmic destruction, example of the Hell) Create a similar one (the Real Paradise and the Hell), Surely He can, He is able to do all things.Beware! All things that you are doing are saved as log files without being removed and skipped. These log files will be opened and checked by the System Admin, the Most High.Therefore, see His Mercy so that you can approach that One, the Great King of Eternity.

You can earn His sake and be the friend of Him due to this mercy.Then see and learn all " about " created by this Programmer who is the Great Network Administrator of this Universe and try to earn the full version (life in the Paradise and Love of that Programmer, The Creator).In Addition, as according to Buddhism wanting help to the Lord is regarded as dangerous. The main teaching is " You must only trust in yourself " Buddhist Monks (Lamas) teach so.

But this is completely incorrect and dangerous and it accomplishes nothing.So to any monk (Buddhist teacher) we Muslims can say:My Lord, Allah causes the sun to rise from the East and causes it to come from the West!(As a challenge to the monk) Now cause the sun to rise from the West. If you really trust in yourself you succeed in this!Furthermore being in good thing for Buddhists accomplishes nothing. Because unless one yields to the Creator of the Universe, God, that one is already in the worst thing.In Islam the Creator, already orders to do good thing.

An Important Note: All things that we have written here are about current Buddhisim not to personality of Buddha’s himself. Because according to Islam too many messenger (prophets) were sent by the Lord. So Buddha could be a messenger of Allah then his religion has been changed. (This is an Islamic Speculation).

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