Monday, March 16, 2009

Something on Hayagriva

One may think that Padmasambhava was only founding master of Nyingma lineage non related to Gelukpa, actually not. Padmasambhava was the one who started Dharma over Tibet. This stream of Hayagriva practice, originated from Padmasambhava, is very popular in Gelukpa. This practice was passed down from Padmasambhava to a master called Dpon Ston Skyur Gang Pa(Onton Kyergangpa?), and be unbroken since then. It was not the time of Padmasambhava’s actual physical activities when Padmasambhava passed this practice to Dpon Ston Skyur Gang Pa. Dpon Ston Skyur Gang Pa was an early master of Shangpa Kagyu who had high attainment. He could go to different places under the ‘Dream Body’. In order to seek for a practice which can subdue obstacles and nagas, he used the ‘Dream Body’ coming to Padmasambhava.

Padmasambhava gave him the Hayagriva initiation and advised him to go to Lhasa region looking for a Yogi named Naljorpa who also practiced Hayagriva. Padmasambhava has hidden a special Hayagriva dharma wheel there which can only be discovered by Naljorpa. Dpon Ston Skyur Gang Pa came to this region, found Naljorpa, got the dharma wheel and learnt the way to make it. Starting from Dpon Ston Skyur Gang Pa, this stream of Hayagriva practice and the special way to make the dharma wheel was passed down to Je Tsongkapa and further down to other gurus. ......Although this practice belongs to HYT, but the nature is a bit different from Yamantaka etc. deities and be more opened in transmission. In Tibet, whoever faced obstacles, no matter received Hayagriva initiation/oral transmission or not, can recite this deity’s mantra. extrated from Khejok Rinpoche's teachings.

Source: gelug e-sangha-

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