Sunday, March 8, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

I cried many tears (of joy) when Jamal won the Rps20,000,000 in the game. This film connected with me so much because it made me remember those little kids (i.e. the ones the film referred to as 'slumpdog kids') that surrounded me everytime I go to Bodhgaya, India. They became tears of compassion when I realized that very, very few (if not none) of those kid that surrounded me and other tourists will ever make it to making even a decent living, not to mention being millionaires (that’s almost seems impossible). But perhaps, there’s some inspiration from this film… some hope. And that’s important!

Even though this film is fictitious, our world is also an illusion. If we donot feel anything after watching this film, it means we have not seen enough of suffering.

Go watch this film if you have not. It definitely deserved all the oscars it had won!

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