Tuesday, March 10, 2009

End of 15 Days of Miracle

edited on Mar 11th, 2009

Referring to my Post on Feb28th.

1. Read the Golden Light Sutra everyday until the 15th day continuously... even if it is just one sentence per day.
2. To read the Arya Sanghata Sutra and try to complete 3 rounds.
3. Upgrade by one notch my vegetarian commitment to be completely meatless for breakfast and lunch.

I am glad to update:

1st one: Accomplished one round of the Sutra by reading a little bit each day until completed.
2nd one: Managed to complete only 2 rounds. - edit: No, No! I accomplished 3 rounds.
3rd one: Completed.

Hip!Hip! Hurrah!!

-edit: I realised that the last day is actually today, not yesterday, and therefore, I took a half-day leave especially to accomplish one more round of Sanghata Sutra. Yes, so I manage to accomplish all that I aimed for.

"To arise as a buddha in the world,
supreme joyful effort must be made,
all sentient beings held within one's care,
and one must teach the Dharma of virtuous action."

I am glad I made some joyful effort to meet my target!

By the merits of this virtuous actions, my the lower realms be totally empty and all sufferings be totally eradicated! May all meet with the virtuous dharma and be guided by a qualified mahayana virtuous friend and be guided to complete, perfect enlightenment!

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