Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Abstain, yet not Rejecting if it comes! - additional comments in red

I wrote the below advice to advice a "friend" who is having doubts about his spiritual commitments and his "growing up urges"... by this I include masturbation, thoughts of girls, urges to have a booze, etc (definitely not including acts of crime such as murder, rape, robbery, etc. Also a drink or two is okay, but not to the point of being drunk. You must know what acts can be done and what cannot). I am glad I can share this advice too with others like him. Even the below advice is only on masturbation, it is the same with every other urges a young boy would have at his age. My advice need not necessarily be correct, so you got to think for yourself. Make your own choices and walk your path! Good luck, brother. Think about it.

I had the same dilemma as you are having now more than a decade ago.

Now, doing it doesnot bring as much pleasure to me as it did then. From time to time I still do it, but only doing it to end the once-in-a-blue-moon cravings. Not to experience pleasure. Not as fun anymore. Same action but different motivation. You see the difference?

Now I agree with the medical doctors that it is actually healthy to masturbate once in a while... especially when younger. It will keep the sperm healthy and if you are married, and wants to have kids, your sperm needs to have good mobility and shape. If you donot masturbate for long periods, then your sperm count will not only drop but reduced in their speed and agility and other aspects which any gynae can tell you.

Even if it is considered negative actions, and indeed it may be, still as tantric practitioners, we need not reject those actions even as we try to abstain from them. I am not sure if you understand. Even as we aim for our spiritual goal, it is important to grow in a manner like other sentient being... in the sense that we learn from all our negative actions and transforming them later into powerful Mind of Renunciation and Bodhicitta.

I wrote this Zen haiku ( a type of short poem) several years ago. Or, is there such thing as tantric haiku?? Yeah, first tantric haiku. Anyway, I channeled my negative energies into creative positive ones...despite being seemingly erotic. A good Buddhist friend advised me that time that "if I need to, I can go around and discover a little bit of the world, but always remember to come home. Don't go out and get lost...never coming back!" 'Home' means our Three Refuges and our precepts, our dharma, our gurus, etc. I understood what he meant even though he didnot quite elaborate it. And I hope you would too. On the face of it, it may seem erotic, but you need to look deeper into the haiku and see what you understand from it. I leave that to you.


My dick pierces the heavens
into a black hole
ejaculating bliss...aaAHH!

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