Sunday, December 7, 2008

Take a good look and be afraid...very afraid!

These are scenes in the hell where the bodies are cut up into pieces.

This is the hell where offenders are hung upside down and toast alive. It is supposed to be for persons who like to barbeque their food, catching fish and cook it alive.

This is supposed to be a scene in hell where the offenders' eyes are gorged out mercilessly due to their own previous karma.

Actually this is supposed to be one type of hungry ghost where their mouth spews fire whenever they try to eat something. The food gets burnt and they end up eating nothing.

This is supposed to be a scene of Hell of Filth where all sorts of filthy "shit" and worms and gnats crawl all over and inside your body. And not to mention extremely smelly.

This is supposed to be one of the presiding kings (sometimes referred to as judges) in charge of this hell. Did I tell you I had a strange dream once in which I stood next to the throne of the king (but the king and the entire place there was empty except for one red haired strange looking security guard holding one long weapon standing near the entrance)?
If you do your Lam Rim contemplations properly especially when you come to the part where you visualise the sufferings of hell, you may experience terrible nightmares and wake up screaming, But don't worry, it is only to be expected. It means your contemplations are starting to sink in. If you donot experience it even after contemplating it for a long time, it means there's probably something wrong with how you do it. So, take the scenes above as a guide.

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