Sunday, December 14, 2008

Need More Hands?

I am thinking of giving my Buddhist blog a rest. Perhaps I might post some of those non-Buddhist things I have written, and get back on the Buddhist part later. I am not sure. However there is more to the "My Water Bowl" story actually. But I cannot as yet write it or reveal it clearly. I might be able to write Part 3 only probably sometime next year... because I have to wait for "it" to unfold. Slowly, slowly the picture is clearer. But we'll see how it goes, and in the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed that everything will be okay and goes as "planned".

I am going to leave you with some parting "chat" with Guru- Chenrezig as below (and let you figure out for yourself what this is all about) :-

Human life may be short, but bodhisattvas have got 3 great kalpas to go before achieving Final Buddhahood... unless he uses a consort to achieve clear light. Our Great Victor - Je Tsongkhapa didnot want to resort to using any consort for fear it may give people of this degenerate age some wrong thinking about this practice, so he waited till his physical death before manifesting into clear light using the bardo method.

For me, it certainly looks like I have a long, long, long time to go.... and I certainly can do with more than a pair of hands.

My very dearest Guru-Chenrezig, can I borrow some of your hands?
Guru Chenrezig answers, "I don't mind lending, but I hope they fit into your body."
Yes, Yes,... let me check. Oops, they don't fit yet. I need more bodhicitta.
Guru Chenrezig re-assures," When you have more of those, then I will gladly lend you more of my many hands. So, develop those well".
Ok, I will. Love you, Guru-Chenrezig! I really do.

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