Thursday, December 18, 2008


Drops of water from high above
Gather and congregate
Coming from all directions
On free ticket sponsored by Mother Wind
Listening carefully, the drops form a carpet of white cloud
As Father Sun speaks…and speaks
One, two hours go by
More drops of water meet, and they form more layers of cloud
Soon five hours of fiery speech
By Father Sun …till one drop of water decided
Enough is enough
And walk out of the hall…
Father Sun sees that and goes into rage
And sends bolts of lightning
Faces go black with fear
And each drop of water goes helter-skelter
With assistance by Mother Wind,
They fly at stormy speed.

Meanwhile down on Earth…
Little Eugene got his first drop of water on his head
“Mother…rain’s coming!” he shouts
And runs inside his house.

written on 22 November 2002

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