Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bruce Lee, the reincarnation of Alexander The Great?

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What do these two persons have in common, other than being heroic icons? One was a kungfu legend without parallel in the last century. The other, a world conqueror (indeed, he would fit the Buddhist term as a wheel turning emperor) who was born in the ancient Greece in 356 BC. Both died at the young age of 32. Both reached the lofty goals they set for themselves. Both of them left such a major impact to the world. Both are my iconic heroes.

Suddenly a family member asked me, "Could it be that Bruce Lee was an incarnation of Alexander the Great?" Hmm, I think that's highly possible given the similarities of their characteristics such as perseverance, pride and stubbornness. See the pictures above - don't they look uncannily similar? Hahaha, or, is it just my imagination...? If he was, then I think he must have had very terrible karma to die at age 32 in every human rebirth. Bruce Lee was great because his martial expertise was genuine, unlike nowadays you see most chinese actors and actresses of the kungfu genre, who had not fought a real opponent before. All the flying and swordsplay we se in the movies and TV drama series are only a figment of the chinese imagination nowadays. No one could do that in real life. However, whatever we see Bruce Lee did in the film, you can bet he can do exactly that in real life, or even better. And I adored Alexander the Great because of his far-sightedness, determination and sheer strength of his leadership -ingredients that are also present in great leaders of today such as Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Some facts on Bruce Lee from wiki:-

And some facts on Alexander:-

One conquered the martial arts world, and the other conquered most of the known world then. However, they could not conquer death, and they ended up losing the precious human rebirth they had got. How pitiful!

Still, I do adore these 2 persons because of what they had accomplished in such a short time. On that note, I would like to wish my readers a Merry Christmas. Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!


Robert said...

Hahaha, you never know!
May both attain rebirth in pure land or at least the higher plane of existance _/|\_

Phill Good said...

Ever heard kill a few people your a murderer, kill a few thousand, your a conqueror. Bruce Lee is way better to be Alexander the great.