Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Water Bowls, Part 2

Referring to this previous post:

I waited and waited, day after day for one week for the bubbles to disappear but they won't. So, I shifted the bowls from the altar to a side table. And it was only then that the bubbles started to disappear. It seemed as long as the bowls were on my altar, the bubbles will still be there. Anyway, I did my own divination and asked Guru-Chenrezig whether I could clear the water bowls. The answer was a clear "No" for about 2 weeks. It was only after the bubbles completely disappeared that the answered turned out a clear "Yes". Strange, huh? So, I changed the water and cleaned the bowls on about 17th Novermber, about Monday. Until today, the tiny little crystal-like bubbles never re-appeared.

What caused them to appear in the first place? I have no idea. I donot think I will ever have a clear answer to that.

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