Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tsongkhapa and Lama Zopa got bashed again

Well, they got bashed at again. But Pabongkha Rinpoche probably got the worst. I have attempted to defend the dignity of Tsongkhapa and was successful but the critics disliked it. In the past, they had "taken action" on me before for similar actions of defending my lineage masters. Recently they "took action" again without warning me. But it is okay, no problem for me. What matters is I feel sad my lineage gurus got bashed. And it is unwarranted that the Gelug lineage lamas got bashed. And worst, they are misusing HH Dalai Lama's comments to "hit back" at Pabongkha Rinpoche and Lama Zopa. For example, they said Pabongkha Rinpoche had brought more damage to Gelug lineage than good and implied those of his lineage such as Lama Zopa had been defiled by his dogyal practice and sectarianism too by being in his lineage. They also criticised that Lama Zopa took a long time to give up that dogyal practice. Clearly disappointing Gelug bashing.

These "people" have increasingly becoming sectarian themselves. They are trying to be self-righteous. They have clearly lost their focus. At a time when Buddhism is facing onslaught by other religions, you would think that Buddhists would be able to come together and think as one. Remember I use the words "think as one"; not "practice as one". The latter is difficult and might be impossible, but it is vitally important to think that we belong to the same Buddha Sakyamuni family. Outwardly, think as one, innerly practice on individual basis. But no - some people donot think like that. They regard that they have achieved high yogic attainments, so much so that they could detect other lineages' "questionable comments", even though Tsongkhapa's texts and commentaries on emptiness never deviaded from the Madhyamaka exposition by Nagarjuna and Chandrakirti.

So, I suggest us Gelugpas should not be taking Tsongkhapa's words for granted. We should check. Buddha Sakyamuni in essense gave this mesage long time ago in the Kalama Sutta, "Check my teachings". So, us Gelugpas must not fall into the trap that others might have fallen into.

Objectively check his teachings and when we have realised his teachings for ourselves, then only we can slay the demon of delusions forever. When we are able to understand his teachings within ourselves, without depending on any texts, then probably one of us will be able to reply to Gorampa's criticism of Tsongkhapa. And settle once and for all, the debate of two truths.

I pray that we may be able to do this!

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