Monday, September 15, 2008

Precious Guru's miracle at Lawudo

During a trip to Lawudo, the birthplace of the lama said to be the previous incarnation of Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Lillian Too and the others in Rinpoche’s entourage witnessed a miracle that confirms beyond doubt the faith many of Rinpoche’s students had in him. This was related in the most recent issue of Feng Shui World magazine. I was there at the bookstore and flipping it through, my eyes somehow zoomed into that particular paragraph. (Definitely it was due to my karma that I had the opportunity to read such miracle occurrences!)

This is roughly the story, which is only one small part of the entire account of Lillian Too’s journey with Rinpoche to Lawudo recently. At the end of their journey to Lawudo, on the last day, the group and Rinpoche was ready to leave that mountainous area. A helicopter was supposed to come and picked them up early in the morning at 7am. But that morning, the cloud is very dense and weather was cold. No helicopter could land in such a condition. Everyone was worried, including Lillian Too. A few of them were busy burning juniper to clear obstacles. But Rinpoche was just sitting there, silently, deeply in meditation and prayers. Then suddenly, out of the blue, the dense cloud just parted into two – like the Red Sea (using the words of Lillian Too). I could imagine it is like the huge gate of heaven opening to allow the clear blue sky and the rays of sunlight behind the dense clouds to be seen. Then the sound of helicopter could be heard and soon those on the ground can see the helicopter approaching from the “gate” in the sky. It soon landed and Lillian Too wanted to thank Rinpoche for the “miracle” in the sky. But Rinpoche just smile and appeared wanting them to hurry up to board the helicopter. To Rinpoche, he does not want any thanks at all. He just want to benefit people selflessly. It must take off before the “gate” closed. Very soon they took off and the dense clouds closed off the “gate”. Whether the “opening of the gate” was due to Rinpoche’s own “force” or the doing of one or more deities or protectors there, clearly they have done it due to huge respect they have for Rinpoche. I personally do not think Rinpoche needed to do anything, his protectors will do the job of clearing the sky for him. So, once again we have read of a true account of an incident that will deeply enhance the faith of many, especially his students.

This is roughly the story in my own words. For the actual words of Lillian Too’s story, you need to refer to the magazine. But please take note, it is not my intention to advocate the magazine in this forum or fengshui. Just wanted to share the story here, especially the miracle part, because I know there are many people who attend and listen to Lama Zopa’s teachings even though you may not be Gelugpas. So, this story will add to other accounts of other lamas and Rinpoches. Every student definitely has his/her own story to tell of his/her own lama. Rejoice when we hear such stories! :)

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