Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lama Zopa's miracle at Lawudo (Part 2)

Yesterday I went to MPH boostore at Gurney Plaza, and to my surprise and shocked, I could nto find the Feng Shui World magazine anymore at the usual place they put the mags. After just less than one week, I would think they will be a lot left still unsold. That's usually the case with the previous issues. MPH Gurney Plaza is my frequent haunting place..hahahah! That's how I know these things.

After searching around, I found the mags placed on a wall rack - and only a few mags left. Those still left unsold are also those with its corner pages bend/folded. After I saw the mag, I basically wrote a short synopsis of the miracle part to my Buddhist forum friends and also here in my blog. After reading it, they went to snap up those mags. That's the only logical explanation for the quick sales of this latest edition of Feng Shui World. Aunty Lillian should pay me sales commission! Hahaha - I'm just joking. I am happy for her because I know she donates a lot of her profits to the Buddhist temples and other charitable causes.

Even though people accuse her of commercialising fengshui, clearly she has benefitted more sentient beings than most of us. She has also brought many western people to be interested in Buddhism and learn about Buddhism. To her critics, I want to ask - just how many non-Buddhists have you introduced to Buddhism? Buddhism is about benefitting others, and if we are unable to benefit others, why are we making effort to stop someone who can? Unless we can do better than her, we should not be so quick to make negative judgements about her work on Feng Shui.

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