Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Judgement day - how did it turn out?

Today was a judgement day of some sort for me. I have been resting for slightly more than a month, and not quite ready to end it. The anxiety just adds on without dissipating no matter what I tried. The longer I waited the worse it became. The last one month was terrible. If only you knew how I felt.

But I felt relieved that it is finally over. Good or bad, I have to face it. And thank goodness, when I "faced" it today, there was someone to help me. Thank goodness....

O-ya, I went back to Ang Hock See to thank Ven. Boon Keng. Yesterday when I arrived at his temple, he straightaway saw me and called out to me. He asked about it and I told me I woudl start today. He said in hokkien, "Hor-lah!". That's his way of blessing me. And when i told him I didnot feel so confident to meet people, he said never mind and advised me to recite more Kuan Yin". He meant Kuan Yin's name or mantra. He said courage can be instilled slowly in a person.

I really like the view from where I will be sitting. I will need to withhold some facts and tell more details what this is about later... hehehe, my little secret.

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