Saturday, August 2, 2008

FGS Dong Zen's Sakyamuni Buddha Relic

There is a relic of Sakyamuni Buddha enshrined in a mini pagoda/stupa in a small shine room at Dong Zen temple, Jenjarom, Selangor. The door is mostly closed, except when there are visitors or prayers. It is lighted in a beautiful way but unfortunately, I feel the place is not properly ventilated. It felt really stuffy. Moreover, they donot provide a proper place for people to circumambulate it nor view it directly. Also, if you are not wearing socks, you are required to buy a pair at the counter outside the relic room. However, once inside, you are only allowed to view a picture of it placed in front of the stupa. I thought this was ridiculous. You might as well place the picture outside of the relic room. The only reason of entering the relic room if we are nto allowed to see it, would be to respect and offer prayers to it. Relics should always be viewed directly to obtain the most impact and blessings. Not in this manner by Dong Zen temple.

It's okay. No problem, but they really should make the relic room more ventilated. Even dharma protectors donot like to stay in a congested and stuffy room.

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