Monday, April 28, 2008

My original message to forum friends...on Tibet

It really pains me to see the continued unrest andv iolence in the region of Tibet. Is there something wecan do apart from praying for them or watch the"workings of karma" as some people would put it? I amnot sure what you think but I think that the TibetanLamas and Masters since the time of Padmasambhava had benefited and is still benefitting millions and millions of sentient beings. Therefore, it is my duty to say this much, even though I am just one person,one voice. Due to the kindness of the lineage lamas and enlightened sages from Tibet, this is my way of doing something back for their people. No, I am not advocating demonstrations. I think that any demonstration is really pointless. What I think is abetter way is for the millions and millions ofBuddhists worldwide to come as one …and evennon-Buddhists as well… and send letters of petition to strongly urge the China government to engage in a peaceful dialogue with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Itis important to write it in a POLITE and politically correct way, and without condemning or supporting any party, strongly send a message that a majority of therest of the world wants to see a peaceful dialogue between both parties. I think it will be more effective if more people send the same letter i.e. millions and millions of this letter. I think it is important the letter be written in a neutral way sothat China knows that even neutral parties want themto talk with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. It must not be written as if we are siding with the Tibetans. Unfortunately, I am no good with such letters. If bodies such as YBAM or another NGO can take up this initiative, it will be great. Otherwise, this is only so much I can do, and so much I can say.

...and I am happy that my message has snowballed into a press statement by MBCC on March 31, 2008. :)

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