Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Life is to Learn How to become Good Human Being?

I think the problem is different people have different definition of what constitutes as a “good” human being. I am sure you have seen many of these “good human beings” behaves generally well when they are around Buddhist friends or surroundings or when things are smooth. But once things are not that smooth, or when they are at home or in their workplace, they become another personality. Totally in contrast to their earlier good nature. They become selfish and uncooperative in office, etc, etc. They become angry and agitated easily at home. Come back from work and scold the husband/wife and children. They develop bad habits they don’t even realize it’s a bad habit. But yet, they donate from time to time to charitable bodies, they volunteer their time for Tzu Chi Merit, they contribute to print dharma books, etc.So, they do know how to do good deeds. The problem lies in dealing with their mental afflictions. I can assure you that 99% of us do not know how to deal properly with our mental afflictions (me included definitely :)). Actually not knowing how to deal with it, is better than not recognizing it as a problem. Many people don’t even know mental afflictions are a problem. They give excuses such as “I am a nice person, I don’t get angry. It is you/him/her who provoked me. My anger is justified.” By the Buddha’s standard (common in all traditions), a“good” human being has to do 3 things on a CONSISTENT basis:-

i. doing deeds that generate merits
ii. not doing deeds that will result in demerits
iii. purifying the mind

The third component above is the hardest to do and onethat many of us do not do. Or not yet do. Or don’tknow how to do. But the key is consistency. Rememebr that. That’s all. Thank you for reading –sorry if it’s a bore :) !

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